01.03.2012  aART WATCH by Stephanie Radock  [Australian Art Review]

01.12.2011  Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers by Elizabeth Bone  [Search Press]

01.11.2011  Exhibition review RHOPOS by Christine Nicholls  [Asian Art News]

01.10.2011  Rhopos by Cathrine Hewitt, Regine Schwarzer  [self published]

02.09.2011  500 Silver Jewelery Designs by Marthe Le Van  [Lark Books]

01.09.2011  Tinker Taylor Soldier Sailor by Kirsten Fitzpatrick  [Artisan]

01.10.2010  500 Gemstone Jewels by Marthe Le Van  [Lark Books]

01.07.2008  Facets of delineation by Margot Osborne  [Craft Arts International]

01.06.2008  Informing facets by Margot Osborne  [self published]

01.10.2004  1000 Rings by Marthe Le Van  [Lark Books]

01.12.2002  Designing with Stones by Philippa Milroy  [Craft Arts International]

01.06.1995  Narratives in Precious metal and Stone by Nicola Mill  [Craft Arts International]