MetalPaperEarth 2022 Invite front

metal paper earth

An open studio and Christmas Sale in Bridgewater bringing together 3 Adelaide Hills artists whose work showcases our distinctive landscape.

Travel Nepal/Australia

Yowah Opal + Aquamarine _Ring

SALA  Open Studio 2022

New stone set rings

 SALA 2021 Open Studio 

Open Studio for SALA August 7 to 8 - 1am until 3pm in the Adelaide Hills in Bridgewater.
Desertstone Neckpiece

signs & wonders & other omens

Exhibition at West Gallery Thebarton
Regine Schwarzer_In Studio_Jun2020_ 200_2000pix for Web

SALA 2020

During SALA my studio is open by appointment. Come and see what I have been working on during the year.
Mineral Manifestation Brooches

Mineral Manifestation was shown at Artisan Brisbane and studio 20/17 Sydney

The work of Regine Schwarzer is influenced by the crystalline structure of rocks and minerals.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor

100 women 100 broches

Wear a piece of Adelaide


Very Simple Proofs, The Trivial Ring

My choice for the material I used is based on my understanding of preciousness and value. Common minerals such as beach pebbles and quartz are abundant in my immediate environment.