Regine Schwarzer

Schwarzer’s move to Australia in 1993 profoundly influenced her work, for she discovered a passion for rocks and minerals, which occur in
abundance here. Her work is a continual exploration of the possibilities offered by engaging with minerals and rocks in cut and uncut form. This
exploration has recently extended into the new terrain of clay and fossil. She also interprets the crystalline structure of these earthy materials
through various metal constructions.

Seeking to add more colour to her pieces, she attended an enamel workshop and discovered that enamel is actually 95% mineral silica. This
inspired her experimentation with the chemical composition of selected minerals, crushing and grinding them before firing onto metal surfaces
with base enamel. The process of torch enamelling allows Schwarzer to focus heat on specific areas, creating isolated reactions: oxidisation burnt edges and melted enamel, instead of metal settings, to secure mineral grains. Using this innovative technique the artist has produced new sculptural forms designed to adorn the body and space.

Brooch decrespignite
Decrespignyite Brooch
Agate Creek Quartz Pendant
Agate Creek Quartz Pendant
Encrustations Brooches
Encrustations Brooches
Encrustations Earrings
Encrustations Rings

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