Deliberations on Fermoy

Regine Schwarzer

When visiting The David Roche Foundation House Museum, my attention was immediately drawn to the diverse, small-scale, precious, utilitarian artefacts held in cabinets throughout Fermoy House. These treasures prompted me to research their historical uses, and to contemplate what the objects meant to the people that lived with them many years ago.

For this exhibition, I have created small objects for daily use and appreciation: containers, canisters, tea caddy spoons, toothpick holders, spice dishes with spoons, bodkin cases, and other objet d’art. Often thought as commonplace or designed for their utility, I have elevated these beyond the everyday through the use of precious metals, gemstones, rocks and minerals.

Regina Schwarzer_Works Mar21 2023_6954_LoRes
Regine Schwarzer_Pincushion_Sep2023_LoRes
Needle Bodkin
Regine Scwarzer_Salt Spoons In Stones_Sep2023_LoRes
Spice dishes carved in rock with precious metal Spoons
Regine Schwarzer_Tooth Pick Holder & Pill Copntainer_Sep2023_
Tooth Pick Holder & Pill Containers
Regina Schwarzer_Works Mar21 2023_7012_LoRes
Regine Scwarzer_Native Twig Spoons_Sep2023_LoRes
Native Twig Spoons
Regine Scwarzer_Silver Poppy_Sep2023_LoRes
Papaver Somniferum Container
Regine Scwarzer_Silver Spoons_Sep2023_LoRes
Banksia Spoons
Regina Schwarzer_Works Mar21 2023_7015_LoRes
Candle Holder
Regine Schwarzer_Layered Metal Spoons_Sep2023_LoRes
Mokume Gane Spoons
Regina Schwarzer_Works Mar21 2023_6973_LoRes
Watsonia Meriana Containers
Regina Schwarzer_Works Mar21 2023_7025_LoRes
White Wine Carafe

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